We have been battling storms for days, trying to make progress. There are so many passes that these thunderstorms are posing a really challenge for us. We have to wait for each storm to clear before trying to get over each pass safely. After a good and solid soaking yesterday near Lake Italy, today has been dry, the sun even shown for a bit as we passed by Mt. Gab's splendid rock glacier (a living Sierra glacier) and the fantastic morainal lakes in the second recess on Mills Creek. But now the valley is full of smoke. There's a fire out there some where. We don't think it is close. Still we are very happy that we don't have to spend much time in this forested Valley. Tonight we'll climb back to timberline and tomorrow we'll be on Bighorn pass where hopefully we'll be able to see where all this smoke is coming from. Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Google+

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